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How Technology is Driving the New Age of the Quantified Self

Businesses have long had access to data that gets mined, analyzed, and transformed into information that is used to optimize operations, cut costs, and chart the best strategy for business success. In today’s world, each individual is a mini-corporation gathering data, measuring inputs and outputs, and looking for insights to better lead their life. The […]

How Second Screen Apps Are Looking to Make the Super Bowl More Interactive

Roughly 111.3 million people tuned in to watch the New York Giants defeat the New England Patriots in the 2012 Super Bowl, and although some predict this year’s game won’t surpass that, the game is sure to generate some buzz, both online and off. With 51 percent of viewers tuning in just for the ads, […]

With iPads Topping Wishlists, All Kids Want For Christmas Are Interactive Toys

There might have been a time where it was enough for children to play with toys like dolls and building blocks that just sat there and required both imagination and initiative in order for them to actually do anything. The landscape is much different now though, with parents looking at gift guides that tell them at […]