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Trunqshow’s iPad App Notifies Shoppers When Items They Want Go on Sale

With consumers continuing to be inundated by daily deals and email marketing campaigns from retailers, Trunqshow wants to cut its users some slack by allowing them to build a real-time product catalogue that notifies them when items they like go on sale. The latest version of the startup’s iPad app launched a little over a […]

Linksert’s Platform Looks to Get Anyone in the Affiliate Marketing Game

Switzerland-based Linksert wants to be the easiest way for anyone to earn revenue from affiliate marketing, which lets users share a unique link to a product, and earn money every time someone purchases that item by following that link. Given that often times people are turned off by either the complicated nature of the number […]

Larky Launches to Help Association or Club Members Redeem Their Perks

Today Ann Arbor, MI-based Larky announced its public launch out of beta to help users who are members of an association or customer loyalty program take better advantage of their rewards and benefits. Based on the idea that members of organizations like AAA or alumni and professional associations, in addition to others like retailers, credit […]

Kincast Looks to Tackle Social Video Space With a Focus on Families

Mobile video apps like Keek and Vine have made headlines for their simple focus on capturing and sharing mobile videos, with everyone trying to pinpoint which app will be the “Instagram for video.” Kincast, one the latest entrants in the social video space, aims to provide a new way for families to share moments with each […]

Media Spot Me Launches to Connect Experts With Journalists Looking for Sources

Media Spot Me is the latest startup to launch out of the Communitech hub in Waterloo, and looks to give journalists a way to research and quickly access experts in a given field for commentary on their stories, in turn giving subject matter experts a way to get their name out in the press. The turn-around […]

Automatic Launches Device, iPhone App to Make Cars Connected for Smarter Driving

San Francisco-based Automatic is the latest startup to tackle the connected car space with the launch of its hardware device, called the Automatic Link, that plugs into a vehicles’s on-board diagnostic port (ODB). The device helps simulate a smart driving assistant, providing information that helps drivers not only be more fuel-efficient, but drive safer and […]

HopIn Launches WebNote, a Gesture-Based iPad Browser & Bookmarking App

With mobile browsing accounting for almost 10 percent of all web browsing, companies like HopIn, a San Francisco-based startup, are looking to capitalize on the growing trend. The company’s new app, WebNote for iPad, functions as an individual browser with built-in gesture-based bookmarking and social networking features. The company wants to give users a way to […]