Monthly Archives: September 2012

Scratchpad Launches to Help Non-Designers Convey Their Design Concepts

Ottawa-based Scratchpad launched its design prototyping service in private beta this week to let users collect their favourite design elements from around the web, and use them to mock up their own designs. The company hopes to take some of the guesswork out of a web designer’s job when a client approaches them with only […]

Promofly Launches to Help Shoppers Find Active Ecommerce Discount Codes

For most online shoppers, finding a promo code is as easy as Googling the company name and the words “discount code.” But for consumers who don’t want the hassle of hunting them down and making sure they’re active, Philadelphia-based Promofly launched in private beta this week to help showcase promo codes for over 4,000 online retailers. […]

zeebox Launches Second Screen App in U.S. With Funding from Comcast, NBCUniversal

Today UK-based zeebox announced the launch of its iOS, Android and web-based TV-companion app in the U.S., as well as strategic investment from Comcast Cable and NBCUniversal, an exclusive content partnership with HBO, and content from over 30 other networks. Zeebox aims to enhance the television viewing experience by providing relevant online content with the ability to find […]

Size It Up: BeauCoo Raises $1.1M to Create a Fashion Social Network Based on Size

Today Calgary-based BeauCoo announced that it has added $1.1 million in a seed funding round led by Zinc Ventures, adding to $100,000 in seed funding from angel investor Brad Zumwalt earlier this year. BeauCoo allows women with similar body sizes and figures to share and provide feedback on clothing, brands, and fit with a built-in […]

Hailo Takes on Uber as it Debuts in Toronto, Plans North American Expansion

Today UK-based Hailo announced the launch of its taxi app in Toronto after building a presence in both London and Dublin, as a part of a roll-out strategy to expand to the North American market. The company’s Toronto launch coincides with a city-wide campaign by another taxi-app provider, Uber, which launched taxi service in Toronto […]

Evzdrop Raises $500K, Launches Local Marketing App to Tie Notes to Locations

Today, Chicago-based Evzdrop announced the launch of its iPhone app, which lets businesses and individuals ‘listen to places through people.’ The app lets people or businesses post ‘drops,’ or information about places, which other app users can find in real-time. The company also announced that it has raised $500,000 in funding from several angel investors, and […]

fliqq Launches to Be the Online Water Cooler for YouTube Videos

Today New York City-based startup fliqq announced the launch of its content-sharing platform which lets users watch, discover, and discuss videos in real-time. It simulates the offline experience of gathering and huddling around a single computer to watch YouTube videos, giving viewers access to a virtual room that has capacity for over 100 participants. The […]